Best MPs for Richmond and Delta-Richmond East in 2011 federal election?

For the goals of the Garden Garden City Lands Coalition, the candidates best suited to be the local MPs would meet at least three criteria. 

Criterion A: Committed to keeping the Garden City Lands green in the ALR for agricultural, ecological, and open-land park uses for community wellness.

For criterion A, the candidate who has earned 100% confidence is Michael Wolfe, and Dale Jackaman is not far behind because he trusts his Garden City Lands advisor, who is Michael Wolfe. I’m also fairly confident in the other Richmond Riding candidates: Joe Peschisolido and Alice Wong. In the Delta-Richmond East Riding, I’m fairly confident in Nic Slater and Duane Laird and almost as confident in Kerry-Lynne Findlay.

Criterion B: Prepared to successfully obtain funding from the federal government for those uses in service to their constituents and in collaboration with the City of Richmond.

For criterion B, I’m confident in Alice Wong. As well, Joe Peschisolido brings a lot of valuable experience and interest, and the other two Richmond Riding candidates would be determined advocates too. The Richmond MP would benefit from the collaboration of the Delta-Richmond East MP, and I believe that at least Kerry-Lynne Findlay, Duane Laird, and Nic Slater would team up with the Richmond MP to achieve the goal. 

Criterion C: Prepared to avoid repeating the federal mistakes made in the Garden City Lands process (so as to promptly get thing right when the federal government indicates that part or all of the Department of National Defence Lands may no longer be needed for defence program uses).

For criterion C, I was most confident in Kerry-Lynne Findlay and Nic Slater after I asked about it a Delta-Richmond East all-candidates meeting. In the Richmond Riding, I know from all-candidates meetings that at least Michael Wolfe and Dale Jackaman are conscious of the importance of being prepared early, and both have looked at the federal assay (drill-core) results so as to be informed about certain soil issues. Kerry-Lynne Findlay’s legal thinking was evident in her comments about the DND Lands and Garden City Lands at two meetings, and there’s potentially a significant benefit from that viewpoint.

Due credit: While I’m optimistic about all the candidates who might be elected, I should (in fairness) mention that each of the MPs for these ridings in the last parliament made time for several meetings (in person or by phone) with Garden City Lands Coalition leaders and also made a lot of expert staff time available for research to help meet the colation’s and MPs’ objectives, which had much in common. Unfortunately, the City of Richmond did not take advantage of the help that the MPs explicitly indicated to be available. That was a shame.

Where I haven’t commented about a candidate, it means that I have not yet seen enough to make favorable comments. However, it is possible that the individual brings a lot that I haven’t managed to learn about yet.

Final note: Personally, I came into the election period having no idea whom I would vote for. Some of the other posts on this 2011 federal election topic describe how I learned about the candidates. Since there were a number of good candidates to choose from in each riding, it was not easy to make a choice with emphasis on the Garden City Lands issue. I finally made up my minds today. For the two ridings, the decisive factors were different, and I would be voting for candidates from two different parties if I were permitted to vote in both Richmond and Delta-Richmond East.


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