Free Good Food, Naturally

What do we need to live?

Air. Water. Shelter. And good food, naturally.

Richmond’s late great John Harrison of Mylora Farm knew that, and he titled his little classic Good Food Naturally. It informs, entertains, and inspires. It may also save your life and health—or at least help you see organic growing with renewed clarity.

The Garden City Lands Coalition Society board thinks so much of Good Food Naturally that each participant at our annual gathering will receive a free copy.

As a book based on decades of successful organic farming in Richmond, John Harrison’s guide is fitting for a group that respects nature, including natural—organic—ways to use the lands for food security. The book is also idealistic, as we tend to be, while being very practical, as we also want to be.

Here are some excerpts, almost forty years old but just as telling today:

The organic grower produces food for the purpose of nourishing people. Since nature is the prime agriculturist, he copies her ways as closely as possible so that the food will be almost completely natural. During the process of growing food organically, all forms of life such as birds, bees and insects are given as much care as man himself. (p. 8)

[Research about health] points to the urgent necessity of melding the sciences of medicine, curing illness, and agriculture, growing food, so that both can work harmoniously towards the common goal. (p. 12)

We recently conducted an interesting experiment with our Mylora cows. Given a choice between a pile of supermarket carrots and a pile of Mylora’s organically grown carrots, they unanimously clustered at the pile of Mylora carrots, even when we complicated the task by placing a box over the organically grown vegetables. A normal, healthy animal will always choose a balanced healthy ration. (pp. 19–20)

Later in the book, John Harrison is just as clear when describing, for example, the optimal ways to grow, harvest, and store carrots.


Note: The annual gathering of the Garden City Lands Coalition Society is on the evening of Wednesday, July 29, 2011. Besides a free copy of Good Food, Naturally, each participant will enjoy free good natural snack food and good company (with membership, which involves commitment to our stewardship goal and a $10 annual membership fee). Details here.


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