Insights from permaculture

Every ecotour of the Garden City Lands offers something new. Yesterday’s tour brought out a good approach to include in visioning for the lands.

There was a core of participants from the Vancouver Permaculture Meetup Group, and they set the tone, along with guide Michael Wolfe. As usual, he stopped whenever he came across a species or other aspect of nature that would provide insight, and there was plenty of give and take of ideas.

After 90 minutes, when everyone got back to the starting point near the west entrance, the permaculture group invited those who could spare the time to join them in a circle, where participants exchanged impressions while a designated note-taker jotted down the ideas.

That experience would not in itself give the participants an adequate basis for coming up with a sound vision for the Garden City Lands, but it would certainly be a good start. One of the participants suggested to me that it would be very useful for good decisions by city council if all council members and candidates for council (in the November 2011 election) had an experience like that to help them understand what they’re dealing with.

Fittingly, by the way, the majority of the people on the tour came by bicycle and public transit.


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