Permaculture at the annual gathering

If you scroll down a few posts, you’ll come to “Insights from permaculture,” which describes how the local permaculture people learned and contributed a lot on a June eco-tour of the Garden City Lands. Two of them did the same at the annual gathering of Garden City Lands Coalition Society on June 29. Here’s how.

At the annual gathering,  Bruno Vernier and Jill Whitelaw, leaders of the Richmond Permaculture Group, presented “Garden City Lands: Permaculture Design Process.”

Permaculture involves sustainable land use design and cultivation in harmony with nature. As a start, Vernier recommended immersion: “Listen, feel, observe, smell, and taste the Garden City lands for a year.”

Whitelaw sketched designs that reflect the extensive knowledge of the lands that already exists. When Vernier showed maps of visions for the lands, he noted that recent ones are integrating the knowledge better. However, he cautioned that “permaculture design must forever ask who else has a stake and include them at the design table.”


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