Echo Bay and the Garden City Lands

Update, Sept. 8, p.m.: Mark Hume’s article for The Globe and Mail is revealing. The lawyer for the Government of Canada, which should be trying to find what’s killing the Pacific salmon before it’s too late, seems to have focused on attacking Alexandra Morton. As the gallery apparently said, “Groan.”

Update, Sept. 8, a.m.: Damien Gillis has described Alexandra Morton’s first day on the stand at the Cohen Inquiry. Alex is on the stand again today.

The “Dolphin at Dawn” photo is from the blog of Alexandra Morton, the whale researcher who found herself leading the struggle to save the wild salmon against a tidal wave of power, money, and influence. She is in Vancouver today, but her home base is in the remote community of Echo Bay, British Columbia.

In the struggle to save the Garden City Lands and perhaps the Agricultural Land Reserve, we can draw inspiration and insight from Alex Morton. Today is a special one in her epic journey because Alex is on the stand at the Cohen Commission, the Commission of Inquiry into the Decline of Salmon in the Fraser River.

I see significant parallels between the struggles to save the wild salmon and save the lands, as discussed in “Somethings fishy beyond the Garden City Lands” and  “Save the salmon too.” However, I want to spare your reading time for Alex’s words in “Today I am on the stand.”

Symbolically, the Save the Wild Salmon movement and the Save Garden City movement are both committed to enabling a clear, natural new dawn, as seen in Alex’s “Dolphin at Dawn” and this photo by the Garden City Lands Coalition’s Romina Puno, “Sunrise over the Garden City Lands.”


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