Kudos to city parks leaders

It’s that season again when the tall lush green on the Garden City Lands gets cut back and people ask about it. This year they ask why it was halted when less than half done.

I checked with our city parks leaders. They’ll finish in October when weather and equipment permit.

At this stage, their staff are like paramedics: spread too thin to give extended care to the patient in critical condition but arriving in time to protect the potential for recovery.

What’s clinging to life is the sphagnum bog ecosystem on a large area of the lands. Coincidentally, its natural shape is like a profiled face with strong features.

When council empowers them, our parks people can be counted on to restore the Garden City Lands with ongoing care. They’ve proven themselves with great outcomes from blending their expert efforts with community partners’ at Terra Nova.

The Garden City Lands are the urban cousins of the Terra Nova Rural Park and Natural Area, much alike though each with unique potential for community wellness. If the caregivers get clear support to go ahead soon, the results in the city centre should be just as magnificent for a healthy environment and the happy people it nurtures.

This post builds on “Mowing is a stopgap,” which was published in the Richmond News a year go. You’ll probably find that worth reading if this post interested you.


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