2011 Richmond election survey of council candidates

Garden City Lands Coalition Society secretary Bruno Vernier  surveyed the Richmond council candidates yesterday. It turned out well. You can read the survey report in PDF, but here are some highlights and implications, with thanks to Bruno.

Malcolm Brodie and Richard Lee, the candidates for mayor, both said “Yes” to the key question: “Are you committed to stewarding the Garden City Lands in the Agricultural Land Reserve?”

Fourteen candidates for councillor said “Yes” too:  Jun Wuyan, Linda McPhail, Cynthia Chen, Ken Johnston, Carol Day, Cliff Wifeng Wei, Michael Wolfe, Alexa Loo, Chak Kwong Au, De Whalen, Derek Dang, Bill McNulty, Harold Steves and Linda Barnes.

As council members, they could promptly commence the long-needed biophysical studies of the lands, consult widely with experts and the community, and plan toward fast Agricultural Land Commission approval.

With a firm statement of unequivocal ALR intent, they could also help Richmond to disprove the lawsuit claim that Richmond unjustly enriched itself through the purchase of the lands.

One candidate provided only comments. The survey report fills out the good-news story.


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    CAROL DAY Says:

    The ONLY way to save the Garden City Lands is to keep it in the ALR. As soon as anything comes out it will snowball and there is no going back. I encourage all future Councillor’s to accept this and agree to make the Garden City Lands Richmond’s Stanley Park.

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