“New blood” that fired up debate includes Cynthia and Linda

I appreciate that the Richmond News published a letter from me as “‘New blood’ fires up debate.” It’s a bit peripheral to the Garden City Lands, but I’ll post the full version here in order to be fair to two candidates whose names, shown below in this colour, were left out. The editor trimmed my wording to fit the “Choice Words” space. Here’s what I sent in:

Congratulations, Richmond Centre for Disability! On Tuesday you put on the most engaging and revealing all-candidates meeting I’ve ever seen.

The mayoral bout between heavyweight Malcolm Brodie and bantamweight Richard Lee had the full house on the edge of their seats. The bantamweight bobbed out of reach and weaved in to score points.

The council bout was a battle royal, with talented new candidates in place of the usual challengers, who are often hard to picture as councillors. Many of this year’s challengers are real contenders.

The “new blood” thrived on the loose officiating, with ref Frances Clark stepping in just enough.

As I saw it, challengers Chak Au, Carol Day, De Whalen, Michael Wolfe and Alexa Loo were a good match for the incumbents. Cynthia Chen and Linda McPhail weren’t out of place either.

Several incumbents did mutual back-patting, like at televised council meetings. Too bad the cameras weren’t there to show the event on the community TV channel. It would be an eye-opener for electors.

As it is, name recognition, big-bucks advertising and vote-splitting will keep most of the contenders out. I think highly of almost all the incumbents, but it’s sad that the wider electorate couldn’t evaluate all of the applicants in Tuesday’s great job interview.


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