Eight Friends of Garden City elected to Richmond’s 2011-2014 council!

Congratulations to all Friends of Garden City who were elected to the Richmond City Council in the civic election of Nov. 19, 2011.

They consist of Mayor Malcolm Brodie and 2011-2014 Councillors Bill McNulty, Linda McPhail, Derek Dang, Linda Barnes, Harold Steves, Chak Au and Ken Johnston.

That’s eight out of nine. At one point, there was only Coun. Harold Steves. Then he was joined by Linda Barnes to make two and the now-retired Sue Halsey-Brandt to make three. Last election we added Ken Johnston, and he was joined soon afterward by Bill McNulty and Derek Dang to make six. As we look ahead to the new council, eight is great!

And thank you very much to ALL the Friends of Garden City who ran in this election!


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    Ralf Hallum Says:

    What dream world do you live in
    Mayor Malcolm Brodie, Derek Dang,Bill McNulty, all voted to take the lands out
    of the ALR

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