Stronger Agricultural Land Commission = tremendous news for the Lands

The Agricultural Land Commission has now been strengthened by changes to B.C. legislation and increased assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture. As of today, Nov. 25, 2011, the amendments to the ALC Act are law.

This is tremendous news for the protection of the Garden City Lands.

In particular, the legislation puts the commission in a strong position to refuse re-applications within five years after a previous application has been refused (Section 30.1). For the Garden City Lands, that period would extend to February 2014. Furthermore, today’s Ministry of Agriculture press release calls that a moratorium, which is a powerful term.

In general, the provincial action is supportive of the 2010 report by ALC chair Richard Bullock, which reflects the views of the Garden City Lands Coalition Society and many other groups and individuals who provided input. The many improvements are described more fully in an earlier press release from the ministry.

Here is the key section that had been added:


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    Unless the ALC, which is drastically underfunded at the moment, sees some more money coming in, I don’t think they will be able to carry out their mandate to protect agricultural lands. Presently they are being inundated by requests for removal of properties, frequently at the behest of municipalties that are being urged on by developers and realtors. They simply don’t have the manpower they need to take closer looks at each request. In particular, they don’t have the money to hire professional agronomists to investigate the potential of the land. I would think this would be particularly true in the Fraser Valley.

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