Join in the Harmony Tour!

You are cordially invited to join eco-tour guide Michael Wolfe on Sunday, December 4 at 2:00 p.m. at the main entrance to the Garden City Lands for the free Harmony Tour.

From the eco-tour name, you may imagine Michael conducting something like this:

That would be novel, and the lands are home to red-winged blackbirds, but no singing is planned.

It’s just that the Garden City Lands are in a new phase. There is no longer any major obstacle to keeping that parkland green in the ALR and stewarding it for agricultural, ecological and open-land park uses for community wellness. For years, the situation involved an adversarial kind of conflict no matter how much we wanted a harmonious process for enabling a naturally harmonious place to be just that for community wellness. Now it is possible.

Individual citizens’ visions for the lands will all be a little different, but we know they can come together in harmony, not discord. Why are we confident about that? Because it is exactly what has happened for years in the Garden City Lands Coalition. It can still happen when we’re all aiming for excellence, even though the antagonist is simply mediocrity, which would destroy the promising future of the lands.

As in musical harmony, there needs to be a natural structure that enables the differences to come together in a satisfying way. With the Garden City Lands, it will help a lot if there is a common understanding of the reality of the lands. There’s no better way to experience that reality than to tour the lands with an expert guide.

We’ve never had a December tour, but we’ve never had a Harmony Tour before either. And what more fitting time than early in the season of peace on Earth to all of goodwill?

For important details, such as what to wear, please go to the Harmony Tour page.

Fittingly, the forecast is for a pleasantly cool and sunny day.


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