The harmony of the Lands

A 2012 wish for Richmond & the Garden City Lands 

The story of the Garden City Lands has included some harmony and can include very much more now.  At this time, with the Richmond council and the Richmond community in unprecedented agreement about respecting the legal status of the lands, we are entering a collaboratively creative stage. While there’s an inherent aspect of conflict in creativity, the effect can and should be harmonious.

If the planning process is handled well, the many kinds of notes will come together in harmony as a legacy “for our children’s children” and an inspiration for the world. Here’s how I envision a harmonious next stage from a citizens-as-stakeholders perspective:

Inclusive park planning
with a clear & fitting goal

such as open-land parkland
that embodies our island story
& our hope for our city centre
& whole community,

with informed city staff & council
drawing on experts of every kind
& the best of Richmond
like the parkland at Terra Nova

& with close interaction
with city public—stakeholders—
for informed & coherent choice
to meet deep need in a blend of ways

that empower Nature to restore
our legacy from ages past
& capture the best of our hearts
in our legacy for time to come

& heed the zoning for ALR uses
for food, recreation & conservation
in the Eco-Safety Demonstrative City,
an honoured model for all the world,

enables notes from our many voices
to join in the song of a wellness park.

Anything to add, subtract or modify?


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