The spirit of the water dragon

At sunset on Lunar New Year, neighbours from across the street (here in Richmond, B.C.) appeared at our door. New Canadians from China, they brought good wishes and an attractive bowl of steaming-hot dumplings, the best I’ve ever tasted. The happy interaction was even better.

As they left to bring dumplings and joy to others, it struck me that the pleasant surprise was actually typical.  We’ve received and given help and little presents and homemade Christmas cards with neighbours for more than a quarter-century, and the spirit preceded us.

It takes other forms as well, and it evolved as newcomers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China and beyond enriched the multicultural mix, but always there’s been mindful goodwill. We’re delighted to have a young Indo-Canadian family next door now, and they brought it too.

It’s a matter of thoughtful human beings, a self-energizing cycle and incredible good luck. May it prosper in this Year of the Water Dragon! It’s said that the water dragon brings creativity, empowerment and—crucially—empathy.


Is that story relevant in the Richmond’s Garden City Lands blog? I think so. The qualities it exemplifies are ones that will enable success in the next stage for the Garden City Lands, which is a transition from preventing great harm to enabling great benefit for community wellness.


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