Update about what happened: 

Big success!

The highlight was that Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie joined the VAPOR demonstrators at the entrance on Cambie, complete with a placard!

Congratulations, Mayor Brodie!



In this invitation, VAPOR* asks you to participate in an event on Saturday, January 28, 2012 at the East Richmond Community Hall, 12360 Cambie Road. VAFFC** and VAPOR will offer alternative views of the jet fuel issue. The time is 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The jet fuel issue is the proposed South Arm jet fuel tanker port, immense fuel storage depot near Riverport, and second pipeline through Richmond. It is like the Garden City Lands issue in key ways:

  • It is an issue of ecological protection, food security and community values.
  • The community has been pitted against powerful players with huge financial resources and influence.
  • A community group (VAPOR*, like the Garden City Lands Coalition) has taken a leading role and aims to collaborate with the City of Richmond.
  • Enabling the public to be well informed will likely lead to a good result.
  • Coming up with a much better plan is as necessary as defeating a plan that appears to be seriously flawed.

Furthermore, VAPOR has learned from the Garden City Lands efforts, and the coalition may in turn be able to learn from VAPOR success in facilitating an excellent result. (For the Garden City Lands, an excellent result would be a suitable park that takes the incredible potential of a legacy from the past and enables it to become a fitting incredible legacy for all generations to come.)



*VAPOR = Vancouver Airport Pipeline Opposition for Richmond.
**VAFFC = Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities Corportation.

 This blog includes several other posts on the issue, and the City of Richmond website has this jet fuel proposal page.

My response to the Environmental Assessment Office is here. It begins like this: “The river estuary that is threatened by potential jet fuel accidents funnels all the fish migrating to and from the greatest salmon river in the world.”

John ter Borg, vice president of the Garden City Lands Coalition Society, wrote this letter of support for VAPOR to Richmond Council on behalf of the society.

Final invitation: Details about the January 28 event here.

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    VAFFC has done nothing to amend their proposal to send Panamax tankers of jet fuel into the Fraser River, build an offloading facility upstream of the Massey Tunnel and then store up to 80 million litres of toxic and highly flammable fuel on the banks of the Fraser River. We must all promote a much safer way of getting fuel to YVR, i.e., direct pipelines from the two refineries (one pipeline already exists) that presently supply 100% of the fuel used at YVR. Yesterday the Airport announced a $1.8 billion expansion plan but not a cent in it to allow for a more environmentally safe delivery of fuel to the “best airport in theworld” and the “Gateway to the Pacific”!

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