Robin Junger, meet VAFFC

There’s an op-ed column in today’s Sun by Robin Junger, a lawyer who headed B.C.’s Environmental Assessment Office. It’s 800 words without a single example and practically begs for one. The key point was probably meant to be that “effective management of the environmental process cannot be simply achieved through strong leadership . . . but requires commitment to the process by all interested parties.” In any case, I’ve been writing about an example on this blog, so I sent this brief letter to the Sun:

Re: “Improving the environmental assessment process,” Feb. 21.

The Vancouver Airport Fuel Delivery Project illustrates B.C.’s slow-motion rubber-stamp process known as environmental assessment. After three years of it, the proponent remains fixated on the easily profitable approach that poses the greatest ecological danger to the Fraser Estuary. All stakeholders accept the goal of improved jet-fuel transport to YVR, but responsible parties like the City of Richmond and Environment Canada are stymied by the narrow rules. The proponent happily holds open houses about options to rearrange the deck chairs as the iceberg looms ahead, but a major change in mindset to reach the goal safely is verboten.

Read other articles on this blog on this topic. Also visit the VAPOR website.

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