Garden City Lands practical visionary moves ahead

It’s great to see an article about financial support for Kent Mullinix and his leading-edge sustainable agriculture work with Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Yesterday’s announcement was for a major commitment from the Real Estate Foundation toward a sustainable agri-food model for Southwest British Columbia. The Garden City Lands would ideally play a key role by showing how the conceptual model is put into practice.

The City of Richmond has partnered with Dr. Mullinix and his program for the past four years, and council asked city parks staff to look into the possibility of using 48 acres of the Garden City Lands for urban agriculture education led by Kwantlen.

Note: It is said that the Musqueam lawsuit against the city to get more money from the Garden City Lands is delaying things, but I think (as one who has sifted through the lawsuit documents) that proceeding to plan with Kwantlen would be far more likely to help Richmond’s case than to hinder it.

It is very important that as many citizens as possible be aware of the value of the Kwantlen concept for part of the Garden City Lands. That’s not just for enabling food security for Richmond and for this part of the province but also for honoring the legacy that we’ve received in that unique parkland. The Kwantlen concept is one of the most promising ways to bring out the potential of the Garden City Lands in an ongoing legacy that we not only enjoy but also pass on to future generations.

Read “An amazing opportunity to lead the world.” If that article about the Kwantlen concept whets your appetite, you’ll find a link near the end that will open up many more facets of this unique situation for you.

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