Condolences from a citizen Mary Gazetas inspires

Yesterday, we updated an article about Mary Gazetas’ health to regretfully inform you that she had passed on from this life that day. We also informed many hundreds of Garden City Lands supporters through a Garden City News bulletin. The following is a response from Richmond activist Carol Day. Like Mary Gazetas, Carol is a member and former director of the Garden City Lands Coalition Society.

Mary’s family and friends,

My deepest condolences to you during this difficult time.

I will miss Mary. She was an incredible person who gave so much to her beloved community.

Mary inspired me to become a founding member of the Garden City Lands Coalition. l will always be grateful for that because she made me realize l could make a difference.

Mary’s smile and her energy were infectious. She gave so many of us the knowledge that we could and should make a difference. I feel we shared the same passion for Richmond.

We even shared the same type of kayak! When l set sail in my Pelican kayak, l will take Mary with me so she can enjoy the ride too.

I wish you strength as you grieve this wonderful woman, but l know that she will live on in our hearts and minds.

Carol Day

For updates, visit Light a Candle for Mary.


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