Quarantine on freedom of conservation

I am passing along this urgent message from biologist Alexandra Morton, who has selflessly given of herself for years to conserve one of British Columbia’s greatest natural legacies, our wild salmon. In essence, the Garden City Lands issue is similar. The shared goal is to conserve a priceless natural legacy by spreading knowledge in the face of powerful opposing interests.

There are political aspects to saving the wild salmon, and Alexandra Morton publicly considered running federally with the New Democrats, but this post is in no way politically partisan. In principal, pretty much every political party is in favour of conserving natural legacies. It’s just that powerful forces pull at the principle on its path from ideals to actions.


In two weeks the Province of BC wants to make it illegal to talk about reportable diseases in animals destined for human consumption, as reported here.  They also seek to amend the Offence Act so that the punishment can be maximum for talking about reportable diseases in animals/fish people are going to eat.  I am in shock.

Last night Anissa and I went to observe the offloading of the Ocean King mort packer for Mainstream. They are moving the viral infected fish through the most productive wild salmon waters of the west coast of Vancouver Island – Alberni Inlet, avoiding every fish farm. There was no containment around the vessel as they pumped, the trucks were dripping bloodwater as they drove to the nearby Land, Earth and Sea “organic” composting facility between China Creek and Port Alberni. There is concern this will leach directly into the Inlet. People do not understand why this facility was used and not the much more secure mass mortality compost facility in Parksville. These fish should be removed before the next big rainfall.

We contacted Local First Nations who were not notified. DFO was called but they were not visible on scene, the mayor showed up but did not speak with me.  The boat left and will presumably be back late today.

We have posted videos at Salmon Are Sacred facebook page and a posting on my blog.

So folks this may be the last chance the people of Canada have the opportunity to be vocal about highly infectious diseases in Norwegian feedlots, leaching into BC. Mainstream is telling the world I breached quarantine at the dock, but there was none when we arrived and once there was I never stepped inside.

[My note: The accusations against Alexandra Morton and a videographer are described in a CTV article and video, “Anti-fish farm activist accused of violating quarantine.”]

If you want wild salmon – this is your last chance to protect them from viruses in salmon farms. I have no reason to trust that is IHN in the Dixon fsih farm owned by Cermaq which largely owned by the Norwegian government. If it is IHN we don’t know what strain and IHN epidemics in Atlantic salmon is not natural to BC waters.  The doors on free-speech are slamming shut if you feel like using democracy to try and stop this now would be a good time.

Alexandra Morton


Note: The word-processing/language errors are Alexandra Morton’s. There are more in the message than is usual in her writing. “I’m in shock” is an overused phrase, but in this case it’s an apt one.

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    April Says:

    Then I guess they’ll have to jail me. I’ll get the word out. I’m not afraid of stupid laws that need to be challenged. Maybe this is our way to open the door, not close it? Pass it on to me, and I’ll take the heat.

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