Renewing the Garden City . . . Society

To celebrate our society’s past of doing the impossible and to look ahead to our best possible futures, the board of directors will ask  the members to consider and pass the following resolution at the Annual General Meeting on June 18, 2012. Update: They members approved.

That the provisions for society name and purpose stated in the constitution of the Garden City Lands Coalition Society be changed to the following:

1.  The name of the society is the Garden City Conservation Society.

2.  The purposes of the society are:

  1. To help steward the natural legacy of Richmond’s Agricultural Land Reserve area called the Garden City Lands for agricultural, ecological and open-land park uses for community wellness.
  2. To research, educate and act to help steward other natural legacies of the “Garden City,” Richmond, in consultation with government and community.
  3. To encourage respect for the legacy name “Garden City” as a community value.

How this renewal looks toward the future:

Re 1, the name of the society:
The old Garden City Lands Coalition Society name has reflected the way in which many groups and individuals came together years ago as a coalition to keep the Garden City Lands in the ALR. It is memorably historical. Along with that, our conservation goal is becoming broader and deeper as respect for natural legacies grows in our community. When we come together on June 18, we will set out to explore this in a lively discussion that looks ahead. While replacing the word Coalition that mainly looks back, we aim to retain the essence of our legacy in the Garden City Conservation Society.

Re 2a, “To help steward the natural legacy. . . “:
In the existing constitution, the “preservation” of the Lands is about keeping the Lands in the ALR.  In February 2009, the Agricultural Land Commission strengthened the protection of the Lands. In November 2011, the province empowered the Commission in key ways and Richmond elected a Council that clearly supports keeping the lands in the ALR for ALR uses. So preservation in the ALR is no longer under threat. We’d still love to help steward the Lands in active conservation of the Garden City.

Re 2b, “in consultation with government. . .”:
Our society welcomes the rich potential to collaborate with government, especially the City of Richmond. It is far more doable now than when the City was contractually constrained to work with demanding partners to “pave” the Garden City Lands, which the community was determined to save.

Re 2c, “respect for the legacy name. . .”:
The cherished Garden City identity proclaims the community’s legacy of conservation. Our stewardship role begins with stewardship of the Garden City name we are privileged to use.

For your reference, here is the existing constitution, which we propose to update:

1.   The name of the society is the Garden City Lands Coalition Society.

2.   The purposes of the society are:

  1. To promote and advocate for the preservation as open space of the property in Richmond, British Columbia, commonly known as the “Garden City Lands.”
  2. To promote, advocate, educate, research and undertake other activities that will further the establishment, maintenance, expansion or preservation of agricultural uses and other appropriate activities on the Garden City Lands.
  3. To undertake similar activities or initiatives as recommended by the membership and executive.

The bylaws of the society are those set out
in Schedule B to the Society Act.

Note: Our bylaws won’t change.

Also, the logo won’t change.
Thanks to Carol Day’s intuitive foresight,
her/our logo is still fitting.

You can also download this article as a printer-ready PDF.

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