Opening Canned Dreams with a conservation mindset

As we’ve discussed with the Garden City Lands, conservation begins with mindfulness. Our society is co-presenting a Your Kontinent festival film about food, Canned Dreams, that is a great opportunity to apply that conservation-mindfulness mindset.

Canned Dreams is the story of a can of ravioli.

Experiencing the story is partly a matter of seeing for yourself and partly a matter of seeing through the eyes of other ordinary people, experts, and ordinary-person experts.

When we’re viewing the film, we naturally need to be critiquing all the time, i.e., using critical thinking. That’s typically true of conservation mindfulness, but the need for it becomes more obvious when one watches a film with a highly persuasive message under a surface that feels fairly objective.

The screening and discussion of Canned Dreams will take place at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 22, in the Boardroom at the Richmond Cultural Centre.

Along with this article, it would be helpful to prepare for conservation mindfulness by reading the Hollywood Reporter review of Canned Dreams.


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