Learn about food security for environmental resilience

I’m taking advantage of a free public lecture on food security & environmental resilience, and I recommend it. One can take part at the SFU Harbour Centre or online on Tuesday, September 25, 5:30–7:30 p.m.

Why this one, when one can choose from other such events?

First, Dr. Hannah Wittman, a Friend of Garden City, is a co-presenter. When teaching environmental sociology at SFU, Dr. Wittman even brought her students on a tour of the Garden City Lands. I know she also puts her food sovereignty principles into practice when sourcing food for her own family.

Second, her co-presenter, Dr. Andrew Riseman, will discuss how urban agriculture can improve both local food security and urban landscapes. His case study is from Ghana, but the principles apply to BC and the Garden City Lands.

Third, it is the first in a series on food, water and climate change. We don’t give enough attention to the water security aspect (fraternal twin?) of food security around here, but it’s vital and locally relevant. If we’re happy with the series, we can learn about water security in context.

Since it’s hosted by the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, there’s also a kind of quality assurance. They need each event they sponsor to be successful.

The event is called “Food sovereignty models for feeding the world and cooling the planet.”

You can register online.

I’m more interested in gleaning ideas for effective action at the local level than in saving the world from climate change, but saving the world is okay too. In any case, whether you’re concerned about climate change or not, a TED talk on climate change puts things in perspective like this:


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