The Legacy Views story

The Garden City Lands are an incredible legacy from Richmond past that the community somehow managed to save in recent years for the present and future generations. The Garden City legacy can perhaps best be thought of as a collection of legacies that add value to each other. Back when developers were ready to tear the life out of the Lands with backhoes, they held open houses in public places, and I listened to what ordinary citizens wanted. Almost none wanted buildings. Lots of them loved the feeling of the wide open green space in the city centre, with woods and the North Shore mountains as a backdrop. One could call that the legacy of the setting, with its spectacular landscape views.

How thoroughly do we want to save the landscapes?

Are they Mona Lisas we need to keep smiling in the same way, or are we okay with strips of townhouse development and Walmart.

Should the backdrop for the lands in transition to the mountains remain as woods, as in the legacy from a decade ago, a century ago, and a millennium ago?

How do these values tie in with ecological values and community wellness?

How can we best work constructively with Richmond council, whom we highly appreciate, to achieve what is best for this shared community legacy?

We’re working toward an eco-tour with lots of consultation with the public, complementing the direct consultation that City staff did on July 25, to gather your views on questions like that. More soon.


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