You’re invited—Sunday, Sep 23, 1:30–3, Legacy Viewscapes

You’re invited to a free guided tour of the Garden City Lands on Sunday, September 23, 2012. It starts at the main (west) entrance on Garden City Road at 1:30 p.m. The length is 90 minutes, and the focus is on on one of the legacies of the Lands that is calling for more attention, the legacy viewscapes.

As usual, the main details are on the Eco-Tours page.

A good additional way to prepare is to review “Listening to the Lands = PARC,” which takes you into a respectfully grateful response to the legacy. Early in the tour, guide Michael Wolfe will be happy to answer any questions about that.

The tour topic is related to current Richmond council activity to change the use if the Alexandra natural park to the north. There is potential for the participants to be helpful to each other and to council in ensuing that whatever is done has, at minimum, a good effect for related legacy views from the Garden City Lands, and that in turn is likely to set a promising tone for the whole Garden City Lands if all goes as it should.


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