Thanks, people!

This short letter went off to the Richmond News on Sunday night. Since other well-written letters kept it out of Wednesday’s issue, I’ll share it here while it’s still current.


On Friday evening, cycling near the Gulf of Georgia cannery, I managed to tumble down a slope. Instantly, as I began to untangle too fast, a passing woman was there helping with good advice in a firm but gentle tone, just right since my head had hit the ground hard.

As my wife caught up, others joined in. Since I seemed to have only sprained a wrist, which we could deal with, I declined further help. However, I’m thankful for the instinctive way our citizens responded, along with a helmet that worked.

The next morning, Saturday, my doctor sent me to Richmond Hospital because it was more than a sprain. X-rays showed a shattered wrist. Hand specialist Dr. Thomas Lu operated on it.

From emergency intake at noon to discharge at 11 p.m., more than a dozen health professionals interacted with me. Each was engaging, caring and capable. It was almost a pleasure to be there.

I was already a big fan of the people of Richmond, and they’ve given me a new boost of optimism.


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