Experience immersion in the Garden City Lands

Want to take an informed role in the Garden City Lands park planning? Immerse yourself!

It’s close enough to immersion in a language. In French immersion, one is soon thinking in French, and Garden City Lands immersion has a parallel effect. (To make a difference, it’s great if you start thinking like a bog.)

A key aspect in Garden City Lands immersion is the 1.5-hour facilitated by the foremost expert, Michael Wolfe. The firsthand experience enables firsthand knowledge and a sense of what it’s all about. It adds value to all of your Garden City Lands thinking.

Partnering with nature (not trying to overcome nature!) is an implicit approach in every Garden City Lands eco-tour. One reason every tour is a unique learning experience is that nature is always adding to its message.

For example, the next eco-tour on the afternoon of Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012, is taking place in a wet period, to put it mildly. By providing so much water as an experiential aid, nature will help us to think about the role of water in the current state of the sphagnum bog and the future state of the Garden City Lands.

The setting will also be great for discussing some known methods of water management that will enable rainfall to do much of the work in restoring the health of the sphagnum bog. (In more scientific terms, we’re talking about applied hydrology.)

Of course, pre-reading will do wonders for the immersion experience. These are some blog articles that will help a lot:

See you in the immersion!


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