Welcome, Garden City CONSERVATION Society

Welcome to existence, Garden City Conservation Society!

It was time for the Garden City Lands Coalition Society to evolve—to better build on its success, which is also the success of the community of Richmond and beyond.

At the 2012 annual general meeting of the society, the members present unanimously supported a focus on conservation. That involves a conservation approach to the Garden City Lands, to Richmond as a Garden City, and to “Garden City” as a legacy, brand and honourable name that expresses the essence of what Richmond was and can again be.

Besides adapting the name to Garden City Conservation Society, the members supported these three purposes:

  1. To help steward the natural legacy of Richmond’s Agricultural Land Reserve area called the Garden City Lands for agricultural, ecological and open-land park uses for community wellness.
  2. To research, educate and act to help steward other natural legacies of the “Garden City,” Richmond, in consultation with government and community.
  3. To encourage respect for the legacy name “Garden City” as a community value.

Have a great life, Conservation Society!


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