NEW Garden City Ecology Committee

Michael Wolfe, chair of the Garden City Ecology CommitteeMichael Wolfe is chair of the new Garden City Ecology Committee, which is a semi-autonomous committee of the Garden City Conservation Society.

The initial role of the committee is to come up with an ecology-focused plan for the Garden City Lands to put forward in upcoming consultations led by City of Richmond parks staff. Other local groups will put forward other kinds of visions, but there was still a need for a group to focus on an ecology vision, and the committee will step into that gap. While seeking input from other ecology groups, the committee is focused on coming up with a tangible plan as soon as possible.

The committee will:

  • Remain consistent with the purposes of the Garden City Conservation Society.
  • Consult with the board of the society.
  • Develop and present an ecology vision of the Garden City Lands that does not require either the society board’s consensus or majority vote. That is what makes it semi-autonomous.

While committed to the stewarding of the natural legacies of the lands,  the Garden City Conservation Society board has always encouraged all sorts of cohesive visions that are compatible with the nature and legal status of the lands as ALR farmland (including sphagnum peat bog) that is parkland in the City Centre of Richmond.

John ter BorgWhile respecting that context, the Garden City Ecology Committee has a more focused commitment to ensuring that the ecological values of the Garden City Lands are embodied in a particular vision for at least a large part of the lands.

As chair of the Garden City Ecology Committee, Michael Wolfe has the able support of vice-chair John ter Borg.

Initially, the mandate of the committee is related to the Garden City Lands park planning because that is a very large and time-sensitive matter. However, it is a committee, rather than a task force, because that mandate will be reviewed, adapted and extended as need be.


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