Wolfe, Steves on Richmond Walmart plan

Michael Wolfe’s comments to the Richmond News in “Richmond Walmart shopping centre not a done deal” are noteworthy, especially re the junk trees, a most fitting new expression:

“I live in the immediate area and, ever since (Walmart bought the land) we’ve lost the community feeling,” said Wolfe, explaining the area is now all about land speculation, motivating people to sell up and ship out.

“It’s all about how much money everyone could make and now we have vacant lots, an unsafe neighbourhood where nobody talks to each other anymore; there’s no community.

“It was the beginning of the end when they bought the land here. The community and the environment have been eroded over those years.”

Wolfe said the company has, despite ring-fencing trees on the land to apparently protect them, no intention of protecting the surrounding environment.

“They will cut down small forests here and replace it with junk trees that will not buffer sound, can’t grow and will not prevent flooding,” lambasted Wolfe.

“This development will be a huge heritage loss to the city. We’re basically giving Walmart a clean slate here.”

Coun. Harold Steves’ comments are also noteworthy:

Steves said he wants the whole project punted back to staff, with “real land, real trees and real park, rather than a fake park and fake birds,” referring to SmartCentres’ landscaping plans and offer of a small community park on the site.


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