Supporting Chevron for ecology

Update, Feb. 19: I sent this letter to Richmond’s mayor and councillors to encourage them to take action.

The Chevron Oil Refinery in Burnaby needs support, and that should be good for the environment. (The key links are here and here and here.)

Burnaby Chevron RefineryThe reason is that the jet fuel pipeline from Chevron is the least environmentally unfriendly way to get jet fuel to the YVR, the Vancouver International Airport. The alternative being pushed by the airport fuel company, VAFFC, is of considerable concern, especially for the ecology of the Fraser River Estuary.

The problem is that Houston-based Kinder Morgan, which operates the Trans Mountain Pipeline from Alberta to Burnaby, as well as the one from Chevron to the airport, has been providing a more secure supply of bitumen for export to other countries than for our own country. The result is that Chevron, with the last remaining refinery in southern B.C., is trying to cope with an inadequate and unreliable Trans Mountain supply. When there is no secure supply of bitumen arriving at Chevron, there can be no secure supply of jet fuel arriving from that refinery to the airport.

My view is that Richmond and Delta and Metro Vancouver should firmly and prominently support Chevron’s application to the National Energy Board (NEB) for a secure supply of crude via the Trans Mountain Pipeline, regardless of whether Kinder Morgan is allowed to more-than-double the pipeline’s capacity. We should in return expect that Chevron provide a secure supply of jet fuel to the Vancouver Airport’s fuel company. That involves VAFFC collaborating with Kinder Morgan and Chevron. In other words, it involves Metro setting high expectations for VAFFC, Kinder Morgan and Chevron and monitoring their performance.

Mayor Derek Corrigan of Burnaby will be addressing the National Energy Board to support Chevron at a hearing scheduled for March 26, 2013. (The key links are here and here and here.) We need Mayor Corrigan to be able to say that he is speaking for at least Richmond and preferably for Metro Vancouver. In my view, Metro should also be telling VAFFC to stop playing its dangerous games and start cooperating with Kinder Morgan and Chevron.

For background on this topic, go to the VAPOR Society site, or see some of about fourteen articles about the airport fuel issue on this blog going back almost three years, including “Turning the YVR fuel problem into fuel security.”

The NEB Upcoming Hearings chart has a link to the Chevron application documents.

I will email Richmond Council about this too.

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