Friend of Garden City re Walmart mall

Winnie So, Friend of Garden City, writes:

I recently saw the presentation video of “Garden City Smart Centres” on the other side of Alderbridge Way to the Garden City Lands. It was shocking to see this destruction.

April 2011 SmartCentres video of the "Walmart mall" plan for Alderbridge Way in Richmond, B.C.

I can’t describe how upset I am with this plan to destroy our beautiful neighbourhood. Does Richmond need such a large big box ugly outlet style mall so close to our city centre?

Why would the developers be allowed to cut down so many trees and destroy the habitat of wildlife in Richmond? This will also change the viewscape of the Lands and worsen the already bad traffic along Garden City Road.

It may be alright to have a Walmart store in Richmond (which I am not really happy with) but we DO NOT need an extension of box stores for the cost of destroying the important wildlife corridor along Alderbridge Way.

As a resident of Richmond for more than 10 years, I would urge all councillors and the mayor to stop and reconsider this development and protect the viewscape and this important wildlife corridor.

If this ever will happen, I would have left no choice but to move out of this city.


Winnie W. Y. So of Richmond sent responses to the Smartcentres’ Walmart mall video to the Richmond Review and to the Richmond council members with a cc to  the Garden City Conservation Society. The Review published her letter on page 10 today, along with a Carol Day letter, under the heading “Richmond’s choice: Walmart City or Garden City.” Although the Carol Day letter is on the Review website, Winnie So’s isn’t, so here for you is her similar letter received by the conservation society. I bet that half the city will feel like Winnie So if the Walmart mall ever gets built in a way that destroys the City Centre viewscapes and the Alderbridge wildlife corridor.



  1. 1
    Farmer Jo Says:

    Winnie, thanks for being so outspoken about this and expressing your frustration, sadness and anger about Walmart and it’s legacy…which is basically just helping us to be better consumers! I know the last time I checked this was not on my life goal list. Conserving wildlife and farmland is….I am very sad about this too

  2. 2
    El Says:

    Farmer Jo, if Walmart represents consumption over conservation, it is the right symbol for the proposed consumption of Richmond’s remaining “mixed urban forest” along Alderbridge. It was said to be protected as ESA, greenway and natural park and by the principles of respecting wildlife corridors and view corridors. Under the greenwashing there is Zero Conservation and Total Waste.

  3. 4
    rob Says:

    You’d bet that half the city of Richmond would not want to have low cost consumer merchandise. How much would you like to bet?

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