Tunnel response deadline—April 2, 2013

The feedback deadline for Phase 2 of the George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project is the end of April 2, 2013 (up to midnight).  Use the online feedback form.

Once you fill in the small “first three characters of your postal code” box at the beginning, all the other responses are optional.

The key part is your rating of each scenario in “Potential Crossing Scenarios.” The ratings are multiple-choice, from “Strongly agree” to “Strongly disagree.”

Two important recommendations if you agree (or strongly agree) with “Scenario 4, “Maintain Existing Tunnel and Build New Crossing along Highway 99 Corridor”:

  • Give the same rating (agree or strongly agree with Scenario 4) to Scenario 1, “Maintain Existing Tunnel.” (That approach limits the effect of the flawed phrasing of Scenario 1.)
  • State your preferred kind of additional “new crossing” in the comments box: (a) either “bridge” or “tunnel” and (b) number of additional traffic lanes, etc.

Phase2GuideEspecially if you are short of time, feel free to skip parts, but take a lot of care with the “Potential Crossing Scenarios” part. In the Phase 2 Guide, they begin on page 9. It’s worth looking through the illustrated “Key features” of each scenario in the guide (a PDF file).

I also thought it was worth jotting down my rating for each scenario. For me, that led to this note:

1 and 4, Strongly Agree
2, 3 and 5, Strongly disagree

As it happens, I then decided to include comments, which I jotted down first. In case you are interested in what that looked like in my feedback form, I’ve attached my “Potential Crossing Scenarios” responses here.

Short version: The Garden City Conservation Society board strongly agrees with Scenarios 1 and 4 and strongly disagrees with Scenarios 2, 3 and 5. This means keeping the existing tunnel, Scenario 1. (It can be made much better than new.) It also means adding a new crossing, Scenario 4, that is essentially for transit. The best available knowledge indicates that the additional crossing would be a 2-lane “tube” (tunnel) east of the existing tube.

Reminder: Here’s the online feedback form.

Update: The article above this one (added later) goes into more detail.


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