Child Poverty — “It’s Not Fair”

The Richmond Children First event introduced in the following message about “The Face of Child Poverty in Richmond” is fundamentally consistent with Garden City Conservation thinking. Because groups need to stay focused, the aims are not explicitly aims of the Garden City Conservation Society, but there’s a lot in common in mindset.

In our conservation thinking, we look carefully at what is there in front of us to see what to conserve and enhance and how. In this case, it is the potential of the community’s children that is threatened by child poverty.

Paul Kershaw

The point is to identify the particular best ways to meet the need, drawing on expertise, including the collective wisdom of the community. The keynote speaker is Paul Kershaw.

If you wish to participate in the event, please use the RSVP email address in this “It’s Not Fair” poster.

From Richmond Children First:

Over the last few months, Richmond Children First has been working with partner organizations to explore the impacts of poverty on children in Richmond. We have had conversation with parents, we have heard from staff who work with children and families, and we have asked children about inequality and fairness. We have also begun to create an inventory of the many ways – both formal and informal – faith communities, businesses, service clubs and organizations support Richmond children and families.

What have we heard? Incredible stories of resilience and resourcefulness! Richmond parents are working hard to create a better future for their children. But sadly, poverty can impact children’s health, behaviour and self-esteem. What we heard from children is that IT’S NOT FAIR! Over 3,000 children have helped create the Richmond Children’s Charter, which lists the rights they believe all Richmond children are entitled to – including the right to nutritious food, the right to a healthy life, the right to a home, the right to dream and the right to belong. For children living in poverty, some of these rights may never be realized during their childhood.

We recognize that many of the solutions to poverty can only be resolved at a provincial and federal level. However, as we have seen by the extraordinary work already happening in Richmond, there are many ways that community groups and organizations, helps make a difference at a local level.

Please join us to listen to some of the stories we have heard and to begin to strategize community solutions.

Helen Davidson, Implementation Manager, Richmond Children First

The Face of Child Poverty in Richmond

Date: Thursday, June 20, 2013

Time: 6:00 – 9:00 pm (doors open at 5:30)

Venue: East Richmond Hall, 12360 Cambie

Helen Davidson
Implementation Manager
Richmond Children First


This event is for people who care about child poverty in Richmond, BC. Participants would typically represent groups that are active in making a positive difference or interested in becoming active. If you’re not sure,  check with Helen Davidson by phone or email (as given on the poster).

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