Garden City Conservation Gathering, 17 June 2013

Many of the participants at an earlier annual gathering took a break for this photo.

Most of the participants at an earlier annual gathering took a break for this photo.

Update: The presentations part of the gathering will feature an interactive keynote led by Kent Mullinix, PhD, and Anna Rallings of Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

The Garden City Conservation Society has at least one gathering each year. It includes the required AGM (annual general meeting), which moves fast. The gathering typically includes an optional agri-tour, and there’s a promising one with a bonus feature (seed starter kit) this year. There will be time to bring up conservation issues and group-troubleshoot them.

This year, the gathering is on Monday, June 17. The issues will include Kwantlen’s Sustainable Agriculture community outreach, the current Garden City Lands park process and the Walmart issue, since many people express concern about the proposed Walmart Mall displacing the Alderbridge Wildlife Corridor and ruining the City Centre’s viewscapes. The intent is to leave time for others at up to five minutes each. There’s also a time for brief announcements about relevant upcoming events, etc.

There’s  information about the meeting on the society’s Home Page, the agri-tour on the Tours Page, and society membership on the About Us Page.

As that page indicates, you are welcome to be a member if you support the society’s purposes. In particular, this purpose remains crucial at this time:

To keep the Garden City Lands green in the Agricultural Land Reserve and to steward their natural legacy for agricultural, ecological and open-land park uses for community wellness.

The coalition is a community of people who cooperate toward that goal as a public service for the citizens of Richmond, as well as the region, the province, and the world.

Fast-print option: To suit everyone, you also have the option of downloading a single easy-to-print page about the meeting in PDF here or Word here and another single page about the agri-tour in PDF here or Word here.

Options begin before 6 pm. Please at least aim to be there by 6:45 pm. The brief annual general meeting of the Garden City Conservation Society will begin at 7:10 pm (for 15 minutes before the interactive keynote).


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