New interactive Save Garden City stickers

interactive Save Garden City bumper stickerEspecially if you’ve noticed Save Garden City  stickers on bumpers and cyclists’ backpacks, do you notice anything different?

If you notice that we’ve updated the Traditional Chinese character for “Save” to shift the connotation from “protect” toward “conserve,” you deserve an honorary doctorate.

You’re also alert if you catch the space in the Garden City Conservation Society URL (middle of curved bottom line).

We’ll leave it to the reader in the car behind you to fill in the “EN” to make “gardENcitylands” in The “EN” is short for “EveryoNe.” Since Richmond bumper readers are smart, they’ll catch the subliminal message: Save the Garden City Lands as a wellness place for EveryoNe. It was also pointed out to us that the “gard” before the space is pronounced “guard,” which suits the message.

Actually, the file had the “EN” in it when it zipped through cyberspace to the printer, and some unseen creative power knew better.

We have to admit that we ourselves were a bit slow in catching on to the enhanced message when we first saw  the change, but we did know right away that we’d find a good way to conserve the batch of 100 stickers, not waste them. As usual, that way of thinking proved to be the right one.

We brought some of these uniquely interactive stickers to show people at the Ideas Fair (on the Garden City Lands on June 1), and the stickers were a pleasant conversation piece. We weren’t intending to hand them out, since they’re usually an optional bonus for people who take out or renew paid membership in the Garden City Conservation Society ($10 a year). But people really wanted them, so we handed lots out for them to use.

A special thank you to our sticker designer and printers, who do that sort of thing for a living but do it for the Save Garden City community on a volunteer basis, not even charging for materials.


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