Sustainable outreach from the Lands: Have a say!

NEW: Kwantlen’s Kent Mullinix, PhD, and Anna Rallings will lead the interactive keynote, “Sustainable outreach from the Lands,” at the Garden City Conservation annual gathering on the evening of Monday, June 17.

Kent and Anna will first share the “big picture” of their Sustainable Agriculture proposal for the Garden City Lands. They have education, research and outreach goals, along with commitment to an appealing ALR park for community wellness.

As an early step in the Kwantlen outreach, you will help shape the outreach by participating in it.

Kent and Anna will heed Friends of Garden City input and aim to bring it into the proposal, which is in preliminary form. They most need input into the community outreach from fellow Friends of Garden City. (What outreaching to us do we want from them?)

Kent Mullinix, PhD (central, wearing hat) engaging in community outreach in Richmond.

Kent Mullinix, PhD (central, wearing hat) engages in community outreach in Richmond.

The Kwantlen proposal evolved from the early-2007 Sustainable Food Systems Park proposal from poverty-response groups. Leaders of the informed planning included the late Mary Gazetas and Arzeena Hamir. Citizens who came together to save the Garden City Lands from dense development say the proposal inspired them and helped them to visualize the ALR value of the lands and succeed.

In the context of that ground-breaking proposal, Dr. Mullinix presented an urban agriculture concept to council in early 2008. Staff were directed to look into it for 48 acres of the Lands. The current Kwantlen proposal builds on that.

Your brainstorming can be as imaginative as you want. Ultimately, the outreach from the lands must be sustainable, but there needs to be an imaginative stage in order to reach a practical stage worth reaching.

Register ASAP. Your cooperation in doing that enables the event planners to plan. As you’ll see there, the registration approach is flexible, and it works. (It’s innovative and practical, like the Kwantlen proposal.)


Agrologist Kent Mullinix, PhD, is Director, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security, Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

Research associate Anna Rallings is a farmer who is coordinator of the Richmond Farm School, Institute for Sustainable Horticulture, Kwantlen Polytechnic University.


Input that will make a difference is being sincerely sought. Participants can speak up or be quietly supportive, and both kinds are welcome. It’s a rare opportunity. Flexible registration here.


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