A happy exchange about Richard Bullock, ALC Chair

Update: For the latest re Richard Bullockgo here.

Someone noticed that the Agricultural Land Commission’s website indicated that the term of Richard Bullock as Chair would end on June 17, which is this coming Monday. That prompted the directors of the Garden City Conservation Society to write a letter of appreciation to Mr. Bullock. As shown in many other articles on this blog, Mr. Bullock has done a great job for BC farmland and the people of BC.

With further digging, we became fairly confident that Mr. Bullock will be staying as Chair until the end of November 2015. We sent our letter anyway, and the commission confirmed that Mr. Bullock will be staying on. That’s great, and it was also great that we had the chance to share well-deserved appreciation with Mr. Bullock and many other people who were on our CC and FW lists.

In other words, we got to have our cake and eat it.

Here below is our covering message, and our letter and another included item are attached to this article (via links). At the bottom of this article, you will see a response from the commission’s executive director.

From: Garden City Conservation Society
Date: Friday, 14 June, 2013
To: Agriculture Land Commission
Subject: Thank you, Richard Bullock

Agricultural Land Commission,

Please pass this along to Richard Bullock ASAP. The main attachment is a letter of appreciation. If Mr. Bullock’s term as Chair of the ALC actually ends on June 17, 2013 (as stated on the ALC website), it is time-sensitive.

Jim Wright
Garden City Conservation Society, Richmond, BC

CC: Hon. Pat Pimm, Hon. Steve Thomson.
FW: MLA Lana Popham (Agriculture Critic), Richmond MLAs, Richmond Council, Richmond MPs, BC Food Systems Network, Garden City Conservation Society.

The letter refers to a 2010 letter to Richard Bullock, which is available here.

Here is the reply from Brian Underhill, executive director of the Agricultural Land Commission:

Dear Mr. Wright:  Thank you for your email correspondence of today’s date.  The Commission is in the process of updating the biography of Mr. Bullock on its website, which we recently noticed was out of date as well.  As you have pointed out, Mr. Bullock’s  term as Chair expires November 30, 2015.

On behalf of Mr. Bullock, he thanks you for your kind thoughts and words of encouragement.



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