Thanks to Bob Featherstone’s strawberries

Bob Featherstone strawberries, Richmond, BC

Update, 21 June 2017: The Featherstones’ stand at roughly 8100 Steveston Highway in Richmond will be open until about the second week of July and then from mid-August on. The strawberries are picked the same day.

Update, 8 june 2015: Droves of people are visiting this article, and Bob Featherstone deserves the attention. Be aware, though, that his strawberry sales stand has moved from where it was two years ago. A recent Richmond Review article refers to “his farm stand on Steveston Highway at No. 4 Road (9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.).” Note that they sometimes close earlier for the simple reason that they pick strawberries for the day but may run out.


I stopped by Bob Featherstone’s stand on Steveston Hwy to pick up fresh local strawberries for the annual gathering of the Garden City Conservation Society. The intent was to buy a 3-pound basket. Janey, a pleasant woman serving me, waited patiently as I wondered if that would be enough.

We support in principle the dedicated efforts of Ray Gallawan and Bob and Farm Watch BC, with their vigil to curb dumping on farmland, and Janey realized the connection. Without me asking, she offered to donate a second basket and then heaped the baskets with another pound of strawberries, so we received seven pounds while paying for only three.

Not surprisingly, the ripe strawberries straight from the field were a big hit at the gathering. They are so different from the imported food-like substance in oversized strawberry form that is too familiar to most of us. There was plenty of other food for the thirty of us at the gathering, but all seven pounds of strawberries were relished, with not a berry left over.


At this time, Bob Featherstone’s stand is typically open each day until they run out of strawberries to sell. At $7.50 a basket of at least three pounds of ready-picked berries, they’re less cheap than strawberry-like alternatives, but they’re good value.

Just travel eastward on Steveston Hwy in Richmond to the stand about 200 metres past (east of) No. 3 Road, as shown on this map. (Note: It’s possible but tricky to access the stand from the other direction.)

There’s also a review here about the U-pick option. (Ignore the location stated there, as it is last year’s location.)


I’d better leave it at that. Gotta hurry to Featherstones’. Ran out of fresh strawberries at home again.


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