The little-known lots of the Garden City Lands

Garden City Lands, Richmond, BCUpdate: A City of Richmond parks manager has now indicated that the little-known smaller lots of the Garden City Lands are part of the park area.

We think we know what and where the Garden City Lands are, but do we really?

We know they’re Richmond’s central park, a large block of living green with fabulous viewscapes to the north and east.

You may have heard they’re 136 acres, and you may assume they’re one big lot, but that’s not quite right.

Actually, that satellite image includes three lots bounded by the four arterial roads that border the lands: Westminster Hwy (south), Garden City Road (west), Alderbridge Way (north), and No. 4 Road (east), as shown here in the satellite image.

Shown below are the three lots we can see with the Richmond Interactive Map (RIM) system. In red, from left to right, they are 5040 Garden City Rd (8 acres),  5555 No. 4 Rd (136.35 acres), and 9111 Westminster Hwy (2.2 acres).

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 11.24.31 PM5555_No_4_RdScreen Shot 2013-07-21 at 11.22.53 PM


The 136 acre lot in the middle, 5555 No. 4 Rd, is the one the federal government owned. The City of Richmond bought it from Canada Lands Company CLC Ltd., the federal land disposer, in 2010. The City already owned the other two lots, which are partially paved, especially to the  north, where Alderbridge Way is on the 5040 Garden City Rd lot. However, it seems likely that enough of the two smaller lots remains available to increase the total size of the Garden City Lands from 136+ acres to 140+ acres.

All the lots are provincially zoned as ALR (the key zoning, which takes precedence). They are municipally zoned as AG1, Agriculture, and also designated for conservation and recreation, which under the ALR legislation would mean open-land park recreation. They have always been part of the Garden City Lands, and they should be part of our central park. However, the City of Richmond has never confirmed that.


In the context of this blog, this information about the little-known lots is relevant to the article below it.


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