An Alderbridge wildlife corridor resident speaks up

Thank you to the Brown family, who have stewarded their lot on the No. 4 Road end of the Alderbridge wildlife corridor for the past four decades. The middle daughter provided a lengthy comment on this blog. It deserves to be a separate article instead. Here it is!

Hi there, and excuse me for asking what may be a stupid question, but we as owners of one of 5 properties on the 4 Road and Alderbridge corrider, we have no information, or have not been notified of any such meetings, or tours, that have taken place, or are to be taking place, with reference to future use of OUR PROPERTY./OR PROPERTIES.!! Why are we not included in the bulletins, or having some sort of correspondence sent to our homes.

I am aghast with what you are saying, i am the daughter, one of 3 who share the reservation of Beautiful parklike settings we have here, and that what i see in this September 27 2013 article, is ONE HELLUVA AN EYESORE that will scare any form of wildlife that we have visiting us daily.

I have the Utmost respect for our Mr Harold Steves, as I have had the priviledge of meeting his family, and descendants of New Brunswick myself, and am very proud to know that i have their respect as well. I moved away from the family home in 1981 when i was 17 and now have moved back, and hear the stories from others of our property and have observed the beautiful animals that visit us daily, and now are disappearing.

Whats left of the property must be looked at in the eyes of what it is…PARKLAND, AND PROTECTED AGRICULTURAL.  It brings to mind the article my dad George Frederick Thomas Brown had put into a paper back in August 8, 1990 The Richmond News… By Gordon Mckay RICHMOND CARES THESE TREES STAY.. , AND 2ND ARTICLE & LETTERS. ENVIRONMENTAL Every Tree is Significant  from The Editor Doug Louth .

Gordon Mckay was a editor or writer in VOX POP,…  and he spoke about the City, i assume of Richmond who at this time was ready to cut down George Browns 60 year old trees, of which to this day thank you lord, has not happened.  Now think back, that was in 1990, it is now 2013,  and those trees are still here., surrounding our little World War II 2-bedroom rancher, that is falling down around us because of the development, i assume,  and or disregard for the properties around the development , or acres being left with sand and or “lack of trees”, protecting us.

The conditions of the properties down the road from us, on Alexandra, and or Alderbridge , are  affecting the Moss , the ground, the Bog, that is our back yard.  I would like to  ask those who are educated in  these areas of our City Council or ASL teams,  who may not be aware,  we do not have the updated sewer systems of all these newer condos, or units that have come in, we are on septic tanks still, and it is of our expectations and or  cost to keep the properties, and the systems in place, in a working condition, and safe for others as we wait out the decisions of what is going to happen to our properties. If these tanks or systems were to break, would  we  then would contaminate these grounds,?.

The Richmond Review paper has always been the paper of choice out here, and of past Wednesday September 18 2013 and again Richmond Review Friday September 20 2013, and now, Friday September 27 2013 i see that there are things in the works..

Please allow me this to be submitted to your council as a concern, as a family, that has taken care of this property and its reserves with the utmost respect over the years of its wildlife and its worth to the people of Richmond.

Please do not take any disrespect or prejudice towards my comments, these are my comments, (the middle daughter) who has witnessed the changes in the years as devastating, as i enjoyed horses, of past, riding them on the trails, of Alderbridge and shell road,  and see the nightmare of another Concrete city, or jungle coming in.

C Brown
Richmond Resident
and Isabella Brown – Resident / Mother living in the home since 1973


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    Hi there, Its C Brown, Cheryl, middle daughter of Isabella and George Brown (now deceased), I am very sorry to have not been able to attend the Council meeting, due to commitments of which had me missing the meeting. I hope my letter reached many as a positive, and or concern, that the property has some value other than just money, and that I will make the best of effort to attend future meetings.

    Where have all the frogs gone. I miss there croaking at night, mom and I used to go for our walks down Alexandra and “glump” to the frogs, and its awful quiet now…
    Very sad to miss that, it was really cool.


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