Happy Birthday, Burns Bog!

25 years old soon! Congratulations, Burns Bog Conservation Society!

Burns Bog Conservation Society's 25th birthday!

Premier Christy Clarks says, “Since its establishment, the Burns Bog Conservation Society has been committed to protecting and preserving this integral part (Burns Bog) of the Lower Mainland ecosystem. Their dedication to conservation and maintenance of the ecological integrity of the wetlands is admirable.”

MLA Vicki Huntington says, “The Burns Bog Conservation Society keeps the legacy of this magnificent ecosystem at the forefront of public discourse. The need to keep “The Bog” front and centre is paramount: out of sight, out of mind. So keep up your tireless work—we depend on you!

Gala Poster 2013The keynote speaker at the Gala is Dr. Art Hister. Society president Eliza Olson calls him “the only person I know who can make a disease sound funny.” Eliza deserves a laugh and continued success, as do all the thousands of people who have joined in conserving the Burns Bog, now as a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance.

For details, click on the thumbnail poster at right.

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