ALC chair Richard Bullock speaks out

Richard Bullock, chair of the Agricultural Land Commission of British ColumbiaDespite all the kerfuffle being kicked up by errant BC ministers, Richard Bullock, chair of the Agricultural Land Commission, seems to be steering the commission with an even keel. That’s evident in this video of Richard Bullock addressing a group of agrologists.

Some of the directions the chair discusses echo what he has said in his statements of policy. I also noticed new initiatives. For instance, the commission is coming up with a “roster” of experts (e.g., agrologists), which in effect means they will have to be accredited in order to have the commission’s confidence when they submit agrologist reports with applications to the commission. As I recall the fellow who reported on the Garden City Lands in the 2008 ALR exclusion application, seemingly without ever having set foot on the lands, I must applaud.

Furthermore, where the commission has set conditions, such as restoring a field after drilling for gas, the commission will be expecting the experts to supervise the effective completion of the work, seemingly with their pay coming from the performance bond. It seems so obvious, but it’s an innovation for the ALC.

With regard to ALR boundary reviews, the commission plans to follow up its current review in the East Kootenays with boundary reviews in the Interior and Peace regions. A lot of the refining that was anticipated when the ALR was set up has never been done, and it needs to be done to efficiently ensure that the ALR is not including or leaving out the wrong land.

In any event, it’s comforting to know that Richard Bullock is standing strong, even though he does seem a little tired. (No wonder!)

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