Fairchild TV and threats to the ALC and ALR

Fairchild TV just interviewed me for this evening’s Cantonese news. Reporter Vincent Ng wanted to talk about recent threats to the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). I said something like this:

There are certainly threats to the Agricultural Land Commission and the ALR because Ministers Pat Pimm and Bill Bennett have made threats.

 The threats will go away if all of us citizens speak up. We need to tell Premier Christy Clark and all our politicians that we respect the ALR and the Agricultural Land Commission. We need to tell them to strengthen the Agricultural Land Commission.

 We need the Agricultural Land Commission to be a strong and independent tribunal to protect the legacy of our scarce farmland for our children and our children’s children.

He followed up to ask about the effects if the Agricultural Land Commission is dismantled or weakened. I said we can already see the effects, because the comments from Minister Bennett and then Pat Pimm are likely causes of increasing farmland prices. Loose comments like that prompt speculators to buy up farmland, and the increased demand leads to higher land prices. I focused on the effect for young farmers, who are prevented from being able to buy land at a reasonable price that makes business sense. Killing the hopes and opportunities of young farmers kills agriculture and food security.

It also got into the Garden City Lands, where the ALR is again under threat, and ALR boundary reviews, which I respect.


Reporter Vincent Ng told me that a clip of my little interview will be on the Fairchild website this evening (Nov. 13) at 8 p.m. Since I have difficulty doing web navigating in Traditional Chinese, please let me know the exact URL if you find it.



  1. 2
    Thomas Loo Says:

    Having talked to many people from overseas, I do not believe that they really care about the ALR. It seems that a majority of them believe that it is an impediment to development and that there is a lots of agricultural land elsewhere. It would be nice to actually hear the news article and see how it was actually portrayed.

    • 3
      Steve Says:

      And is there a lot of agricultural land elsewhere? I wonder what is the basis of this belief that “there is lots of agricultural land elsewhere.” Looking at a map of BC and thinking that the vast interior is all farmland?

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