Mall*Wart or Malwart?

Update, 4 pm, Nov. 13: The Mall*Wart sign has been removed.

Sign on the corner of Alderbridge Way and Garden City Road, the Walmart mall site: MALL WART sign

Now that’s the kind of Richmond we can be proud of. Beyond being a protest and call to action, it’s a work of public art. I have reservations about some (but not all) of the public art that gets brought in for hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time, but this piece of art is worth keeping and treasuring.


Walmart City—an artist’s overlay of the developers’ simulation on the pre-dumping viewscape from the Garden City Lands: Walmart City

It actually does make one think of a giant wart on our legacy viewscape. The viewscape makes the mall look more attractive, but the mall sure doesn’t do the same for the Garden City Lands. It is Malcolm Brodie’s responsibility, and he must have gone by “Mal” at some point, so it could fittingly be “Malwart.” I don’t encourage calling it either “Mall*Wart” or “Malwart” beyond the artistic billboard and this reflection on it, but the names do capture elements of truth.

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