How the Walmart Mall public hearing went

The total submissions—oral and written—to the Walmart Mall public hearing  included 19 in favour and 36 opposed (or with reservations).

  • At the Richmond Walmart Mall public hearing on Nov. 18, there were 12 oral submission in support of the application and 12 opposed.
  • In the written submissions to the public hearing, there were 7 in support and 29 opposed (but with 5 who also spoke).

In addition, previous written submissions from the public prior to the period that counted for the hearing were overwhelmingly opposed, with none in favour and 20 opposed. Also, oral submissions to council at  planning committee meetings were 1 in favour and 12 opposed.

Counting all submissions and eliminating overlaps (so that no person is counted twice), there were 19 in support and 58 opposed. Those  figures are significant  because they reflect that the amount of reasoned advice to council. However, some addressed council prior to the public hearing period and then again for the public hearing.

In other words,  three-quarters of the parties who took the time to share advice with council were opposed to the Walmart mall application in whole or in part.


Since almost all council members make up their minds before a public hearing like that, it was obvious that all would favour the proposal except Coun. Harold Steves and possibly Coun. Chak Au. As a result of the public input at the hearing, Coun. Au voted against (along with Coun. Steves).

Significantly, Mayor Malcolm Brodie introduced a referral to staff at the end, and the councillors unanimously supported it. The effect of it is that a buffer strip along Alderbridge Way will be considered during the development permit stage. (In effect, it is similar to the Alderbridge wildlife corridor.) If a buffer strip is done well, that will address the main conservation concerns. SmartCentres will need to be collaborative in order to get a development permit, so it all depends on what the mayor wants.

The presentations by Ying Wang and John ter Borg were particularly well received.

Congratulations to all who participated, enabling a better result than expected.



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  2. 2

    i dont know how then Walmart could be accepted when there were such numbers of opposement, its not surprising that there is bias,, Richmond City has the power and the people have no choice, nether do the wildlife, and so the coyotes and squirrels home on the strip malls, barely surviving as it is they still wander amidst the malls in a dither of confusion, but then what does Richmond council care, there just animals, they adapt… humans dont lets take care of the people, those on council only, not those that respected the land for all these years so Richmond could come in and build their damn malls, when we have more than enough malls, its nice to see some western style, / western food outlets, we have more than enough asian restaurants, i thankyou for the keg… i m yet to find a steak and pasta outlet near us today, but it is in sacrifice of our wildlife corrider, its really sad

    For the record we are on the corner of 4 and alderbridge in the last of the 4 lots from the 2nd world war, our house is barely holding up and so we are no longer owners, because we just cant wait out the political game that is being played as the people who are left behind have no say, we are the pions or pawns of the chessboard ruled by the kings and queens
    Good luck. we wont be here much longer

    The Browns

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