Finding Dawn on Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013

Finding Dawn, Dec 4, 2013This is an invitation to a free screening/discussion of Finding Dawn in Richmond on Wednesday, December 4. If you want to get straight to the details, skip my reflection, which is indented and in colour.

Natural conservation often involves seeing value where it could easily be missed. We apply that approach a lot to the Garden City Lands. Recently we’ve applied it to the ribbon of land across the street from the lands that was environmentally sensitive area (ESA) until that bit of protection was  taken away last year for no good reason.

There are all kinds of value there, but city staff and council refused to listen. The values include the wildlife corridor value and viewscape value. Many citizens spoke about the values, but little was heard.

That natural conservation approach involves pausing to notice value instead of ignoring the possibility. I think it is equally applicable to human conservation. That’s not surprising, since we are part of nature.

The film titled Finding Dawn helps us to pause to notice value. When Dawn’s DNA was found on the Pickton farm, she was No. 23 in the missing women identified there. Through the film, we see Dawn as more than a number, and Dawn can have an influence for good, influencing us, the viewers.

Finding Dawn is about the families of missing and murdered women in the Downtown Eastside.  It is described as “a beautifully painful film leaving us not with a frustrating end to a series of unsolved and unending violent mysteries but with the hope that community building and healing can bring.”

Two guest speakers who will discuss what the film means:

  • Cherry Smiley is from Indigenous Women Against the Sex Industry (IWASI).
  • Chris McDowell is fromRemember Our Sisters Everywhere  (ROSE), a project of the Richmond Women’s Resource Centre.

When: Wednesday December 4, 2013:

  • 6:30–7  Welcome and refreshments
  • 7–8:20  Film screening
  • 8:20–9  Guest speakers’ comments and discussion

Where: Ralph Fisher Auditorium,  Richmond Hospital, corner of Gilbert Rd and Westminster Hwy. Free parking in the gravel lot (enter from Westminster Hwy).

Co-hosts: Chimo Community Services, the Canadian Federation of University Women Richmond, and the Richmond Women’s Resource Centre.


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