Be a Friend of Garden City and get the News

You qualify as a Friend of Garden City if you support the purposes of the Garden City Conservation Society:

  1. To help steward the natural legacy of Richmond’s ALR central park called the Garden City Lands for agricultural, ecological and open-land park uses for community wellness.
  2. To research, educate and act to help steward other natural legacies of the “Garden City,” Richmond, in consultation with government and community.
  3. To encourage respect for the legacy name “Garden City” as a community value.

In that case, you’re welcome to receive updates in the Garden City News, a free newsletter. To subscribe, simply send an email with the subject Subscribe.

Here’s a small example of a Garden City News page. If you click it, you’ll open the newsletter in PDF.

Sample Garden City News page

A few other facts about the newsletter and Friends of Garden City:

  • For maximum respect for personal information, we gather the least possible info (just email addresses)—and only for the one purpose of emailing the news.
  • The Garden City News is usually a page or two. (It’s never more than four.)
  • The newsletter is emailed an average of twice a month — occasionally more often in hectic times and always less often in tranquil times.
  • One can easily unsubscribe at any time.
  • One can think of it as a way of belonging to  Garden City Conservation.

There is also dues-paying membership in the Garden City Conservation Society for those who support the purposes and choose to contribute the $10 annual membership amount. Details here.

Reminder: Being a Friend who subscribes just takes an email with the subject Subscribe.

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