ALR rally planned — Victoria, Monday, Feb. 10, 2014

Food for the-Future, February10, 2014 rallyA rally to support the Agricultural Land Reserve is being planned for the BC Legislature grounds on Monday, February 10, 2014, starting at noon.

The timing makes sense because the next session of the BC legislature begins (with the speech from the throne) the next day.

The problem that has prompted pro-ALR action, including the rally, surfaced at the beginning of August 2013. We addressed it in “Core review minister fumbles ALR” at the time.

All signs are that the Family Day rally is gaining wide support. So far most of the available information is on the poster (at right).  For now, mark the date. More soon.

No doubt there’ll be some anti-Liberal partisan action by some rally participants, and the Garden City Conservation Society tries not to get drawn into partisan politics like that. However, I think the focus will be on the issue. With that caveat, the Garden City Conservation Society supports the upcoming event, “Food for the Future.”


The distinction: The rally is necessarily political because it’s intended to send a strong message about public opinion to the politicians. However, it becomes too partisan if political activists use the rally largely to score political points for their parties by villainizing their opponents who form the current BC government. There’s a fine line, and respecting it is good for the pro-ALR cause and fair to those who are focused on it. Apart from being the decent thing to do, showing respect is far more likely to win the hearts of the Liberal caucus and cabinet than calling them names.


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