Feds put Pacific salmon at greater risk

Alexandra MortonThis morning’s Vancouver Sun has a shocker of a front-page story. Here’s the sub-heading: “Critics say wild salmon at risk as 11 companies apply to expand or build new farms.”

That refers to open-net Atlantic salmon farms, which appear likely to be a threat to Pacific salmon, our wild salmon. My view is that the evidence is strong.

To me, the most credible voice on this topic is Alexandra Morton. I’m passing on part of her message about the news:

It is with disbelief and horror that I pass on the news the Norwegian operators in BC will be raising even more Atlantic salmon in BC’s waters.

Ottawa has given these companies a licence that allows them to use fish carrying viruses, even though section 56 of our Fisheries Act prohibits transfer of fish carrying a disease agent that may be harmful to the protection and conservation of fish. I am in court right now fighting this.

A friend has asked us to attend a local Superstore and educate people about farmed salmon. I received his press release at nearly the same time as I got the news about the fate of this coast – sold off for use to raise fish for Norwegian companies.

So I pass the information on to you, in case you want to let markets know how you feel about them buying these farmed salmon from the companies using BC waters. How you feel about the Prime Minister completely disregarding the $26 million Cohen Commission we all paid for that made 11 recommendations specific to protecting wild salmon from salmon farms.

Read the rest of this story on Alexandra Morton’s blog.

That link is to the particular story, and this one is to Alexandra’s whole blog.

We’ve published at least half a dozen articles about Alexandra Morton’s work on this blog in the past few years. As a brave battle against incredible odds, the work of Alexandra and all her supporters is an inspiration as we stay strong in addressing our challenges.


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