Celebrating World Wetlands Day on Feb 2, 2014

Celebrate World Wetlands Day on February 2, this year and every year. It’s the birthday of Wetlands of International Importance. (On Feb. 2, 1971, the Ramsar Convention was signed, officially starting it all.)

This year’s World Wetlands Day theme is “Wetlands and Agriculture.” The focus on that partnership is fitting for the Garden City and especially the Garden City Lands, where wetlands and agriculture come together.

In recent years, Burns Bog in Delta was designated a Wetland of International Importance, and the site was later enlarged and renamed Fraser River Delta, including the Sturgeon Bank and South Arm marshes.

Before the expansion, I answered whether the Garden City Lands could qualify in “Wetland of International Importance?”. I thought a multi-part Garden City Wetland of International Importance could centre on a restored sphagnum bog area of the lands. At this time, I think it is still possible, including Sturgeon Bank and some South Arm marshes if that is best for the wetlands.

Alternatively, the inland bog segments could be included in the Fraser River Delta site, all in a single Wetland of International Importance.

Please celebrate World Wetlands Day by reading “Wetland of International Importance?” and thinking about a possible one with the Garden City Lands as an interpretive hub. The bog part of the lands could have that role even in the Fraser River Delta site, probably with one or more additional hubs in Delta.

This map shows the areas included in the Fraser River Delta as a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance:

Wetland of International Importance site known as "Fraser River Delta"

For a larger image, double-click the map.

Also, you may wish to see what the Ramsar Convention website says about the Fraser River Delta site. Here it is:



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