The Garden City’s flower by nature?

In his writings, Richmond pioneer Thomas Kidd kept mentioning the wild roses. For instance, he describes them like this in his ode to Lulu Island:

With wild rose bordering all, whose spring display
Crowns every bush and festoon-links the trees
And fills with fragrance sweet our springtime breeze:
A beauty that no words can e’er portray.

I wish he’d found a few more words for the roses, but Coun. Harold Steves has an idea what kind they were. When I asked Harold about it, he suggested Nootka rose or swamp rose. In that case, I’d think Nootka rose, which can grow tall. Maybe some of our rose experts and heritage experts can get together to be sure. For now, here’s what Nootka roses look like.

Nootka roses

Some people have advocated botanical gardens on the Garden City Lands, and that seems appropriate for the Garden City and for the role of our central park as a garden for City Centre residents. The idea leads to visions of towering Nootka roses all around the lands.

What’s more, if any city deserves its own official city flower, it is the Garden City. If the Nootka rose is indeed the flower that grew around Lulu Island in such a natural, profuse and breathtaking way, it has pretty much chosen itself as our flower.


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